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Comments from Listeners

Paul Vernon's Originals take FIRST PLACE for the FOURTH time.

February 2001    1st Place    "So Nice To Have A Friend Like You"
March 2001       1st Place     "There's Somebody In Here Singing"
June 2001         1st Place      "We knew you when"
July 2001          1st Place      "Once Again With You"

 - The International Songwriters Guild, Volume 6, No.7 

"...my guests were fascinated with his talents.  He performed close to two hours without a break.  He vocalized many of his originals, and also did cover tunes.  He works hard for his money!  Paul is one of our better writers, and is very well liked in the Orlando area."

                      - President of The International Songwriters Guild, Volume 6, No.4

"Paul has a very distinctive and rich voice.  His songs have catchy hooks and meaningful lyrics.  He is a seasoned performer who lives for his music, and who has the talent, drive and persistence necessary to be a successful recording artist."

- Frederick M.,  Entertainment Attorney

           "Dear Paul,
                             I think your songs are really wonderful...
                                                      joyful & well-produced and performed".
                                                                                - Chris S.   Mammoth Records

"Dear Paul,
It's been many years since I've heard 
an artist spend time on the lyrics as you have done."
              - David R., Producer ,  Azra International 

                            "Paul...I am really crazy about your song, 
                              [ There's Somebody In Here Singing ] "

                                                         - Janet S.  President,   Scarab Music

Many great comments come from Management and the crew where Paul is performing,

"...Paul has been in my employment at Vistana Resort many times, and has never failed to impress me.  His performance capabilities and musical repertoire are unmatched, as well as his distinct style and personality that he brings to each and every performance.  He is truly a gifted and talented entertainer."
               - Michael C.    Vistana Resort / Vistana Management

"...Paul Vernon has been employed by Church Street Station for over sixteen months as what I would consider an outstanding entertainer, as well as a perfect gentleman and a much devoted employee.................I strongly feel Paul has a lot of potential to highly succeed as a rare type of versatile entertainer that any good ear would quickly notice and appreciate......
In the time Paul spent with us here at Church Street Station, many people grew to enjoy him and his music greatly."
                           - Patrick M.,  Manager, Church Street Station   Orlando,FL

Your visiting Paul's online mini aquarium
"Paul Vernon is an excellent entertainer and guitarist.  He has performed as a solo guitarist/vocalist in Hemingways at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress for over sixteen
months.  Paul is a prompt, polished musician 
and is a real gentleman on and off location."
- Ernst B.    Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, 

Your visiting Paul's online mini aquarium
"On every gig I attend ...I always enjoy his performance thoroughly.
He seems to always be catching peoples attention with his commanding 
voice and music.  I will continue to attend more of Paul's gigs." 
                                                   -  DP  Central Florida Fan
Regarding Paul's new website......


    - Sarah Maria 
         Recent WebVisitor & Fan

"I would like everyone to know he is the best performer I've seen and he is worth gong to see at any of his engagements. Paul's repertoire, with over 15 hours of music, rarely repeats a song, every performance is different and many are touched by his musical talent."
                                    Debbie P.    Orlando, FL

(JC's Wheelhouse, Deland)

Comment from a terrific couple.  While on a trip, instead of going home, they came back 
to listen to Paul play.

     "We really enjoyed Paul's music!"
                         Vicki and husband
                Deland, FL

         We wanted to send you a photo by which to remember your 
                                                                 performance at our wedding....
        We still get rave reviews from our guests abut your music!"
                         - Happily Married with a new addition on the way

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